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Dünya diplomasi,sanat ve medya akademisinde yer alan ''ERSIN FAIKZADE'' röportajının tümünü bu sayfada okuyabilirsiniz.

6Qs With Ersin Faikzade - Diplomatic Journal -On Role of Music in Social Awareness
The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media

On Role of Music in Social Awareness

DJ: We know him as a man of love, dedicated
professional singer and Goodwill Ambassador.
Ersin Faikzade, welcome to our Journal.

EF: First of all, thank you for having me on
this beautiful pages and site, it is my great
pleasure to do this interview with you.
Introducing me as a man of love, reminds me
of my long voyage through which I
experienced lucky and unlucky years,
happiness and sorrow, friendship and
unfaithfulness, splendid times and illnesses
but also a love that cloaks all of them. To me,
the start and end of every beauty is just love.

DJ: Among various forms of arts and artistic
productions; ‘music’ has been predominantly
found a powerful medium of communication to
raise the bars of Social Awareness
Q1 – As a vocalist, who performs in Turkish
language among others; how do you view the
role of music in raising social awareness at

EF: Besides show and entertainment, music
should be performed for making people
aware of their social responsibilities. Having
concerts for charities and causes is a great
way of doing that. For example the charity
concert of BAND AID was a really good
example for such important mission.
In my view, music is a powerful medium that
should be used to assist understanding of our
social responsibilities.

DJ: You often emphasize on values such as
‘peace’ and ‘co-existence’.
Q2 – In your view, A) how can ‘Music’
contribute to promotion of understanding
and friendship? And B) What values you
would deem important for artists in order
for them to play their role effectively in their

EF: As for the first part of your question, in
my opinion Music is the most beautiful art in
the branch of humanities. Regardless of
nationalities, background or languages,
people can easily relate themselves to music.
For example when in Turkey I sing a song in
Italian language, people can sense it or when
in Italy I perform a Turkish song, they feel
me too. As civilization develops, music
develops with it too. Music can indeed get
people closer to each other. As for your
other question, I must say art is inspired by
“Creative Emotions”; therefore, artists have
this great responsibility to bring their
nations’ emotions to the word.

DJ: You have lent your talent to many
charitable events and organizations in Turkey
and recently named as Ambassador for Human
Q3 – What makes you be so caring, and how
does giving back count?

EF: Love is the source of my life and I
cannot live without it. My mother suffered
from Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 25 and
it developed my sense of social responsibility
till this very day.
My dear mother was ill and bedridden at a
vey young age and I grew up with her pain,
and I promised myself that I'll support all
patients and the disabled as much as I can. I
have done my best with many charity
organisations in Turkey and when I went to
the UK, to Wales to study, I did a project for
mentally disabled people there. I feel helping
people in need is the purpose of my life.
Giving back is very rewarding, a positive
energy that never dies.

''I feel helping people in need is the purpose of my life'' Ersin Faikzade

Q4 – If you would be able to get one message
across the world, what would that massage

EF: Life is better as we share it. Think of
others first.
There is a magnet in your heart that will
attract true friends. That magnet is
unselfishness. When you learn to live for
others, they will live for you.

''humanitarian projects will continue''

Q5 – As a talented vocalist with a powerful
voice, who could influence you and your
music? Any artists who inspired you?

EF: I am blessed with being able to sing in
different styles from Pop to Operatic and I
am humbled that I am well received by many
of my audiences in different parts of the
world especially in Italy and Turkey.
I took inspiration from very important
artists around the world for example,
Pavarotti, Alessandro Safina (Italy); Zeki
Müren , Ajda Pekkan (Turkey); Frank
Sinatra (America); Sattar (Iran), Enrico
Macias (France), they give me the inspiration
and indeed changed our lives in the world.

Q6 – For those who wish to follow you,
please tell us about your current and
upcoming projects and productions.

EF: I would like to thank all my fans, they
are very important to me. Well, the
humanitarian projects will continue. I have
plans to make an album in many languages,
benefiting a charitable institution. Also
would like to give a huge benefit concert for
disabled around the world as well as those
with MS and Cancer.

DJ: Ersin, thank you for accepting our
invitation to have this exclusive interview with
WAALM – Diplomatic Journal.

EF: My pleasure.

Link: www.ersinfaikzade.net

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these photographs were taken for the interview.
thanks for photographs by eren cavga

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