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INTERNATIONAL DUET -After nearly 35 years, Mosi Dorbayani of The World Academy of Arts, Literature and
Media – WAALM facilitated a duet of this song for the second time with Turkish rising
star, Ersin Faikzade, featuring the legendary Persian Pop-tenor, Sattar.


The first Persian – Turkish duet of ‘Simin
Bari’ took place in Iran in 1970s, when
The Turkish diva, Emel Sayin and the late
Jamshid Sheybani performed that song
on the national television along with
Maestro Rohani on Keyboards. Emel
Sayin’s visit was in fact due to a fund
raising tour benefiting the victims of a
devastating earthquake in Turkey and
fostering cultural exchange.

SATTAR is a Pop-tenor, Oratorio singer who has
recorded over 350 songs, has released more than
30 albums and performed in 23 countries, from
Kodak Theater in LA, USA to ‘The Royal Albert
Hall’ in London, England, to ‘Lan Xess Arena’ in

He is the favourite of The Persian Royal Family
and Persian's most idolized vocal artist of our
contemporary time.
Sattar's fame began at the age of 22 with the
release of the theme song "Khaneh Bedosh" to
"Morad Barghi", a popular television show in
Persia. The show made him an instant star. Young,
talented, and extremely handsome, he soon
became an icon all over the Middle East.
In 1978, Sattar migrated to the United States and
continued his singing career in Los Angeles,
California. In 1980, he got married and eventually
became a father. His career blossomed further
through the years, leading him on tours all over the
As a caring individual, Sattar volunteers to perform
at charity events for causes he believes in
supporting. In September 2004 International
Further Studies Institute - I.F.S.I, conferred him with
an Honorary Doctorate award for his sincere
dedication and contribution to human kind, world of
art, and Persian music in particular.
With 40 years of fame, Sattar's career has been
dynamic. He has over 50 greatest hits, which
include the internationally known "Goleh Sangam"
and other hit songs such as "Shazdeh Khanoom",
"Sharhr-e Gham", "Hamsafar", "Gole Pooneh",
"Akharin Talash" and "Yegangi" among others.
The key to his longevity is his amazing vocal ability and melodious voice, which can
ranges from "Classic / Traditional (Dastgahi)" to the diverse sounds of present day "Pop

Sattar, is an Award winner in Persian Music, who receive two Golden Lioness Awards in
October 2005 from The World Academy of Arts, Literature, and Media - WAALM in
Budapest. He received his first award for his best Melodic Voice in Pop music and the
second award for his Vocal ability in Classic - Arranged.
Sattar is also among he panel of judges for the 'Next Persian Star Show' a similar
programme as the American Idol in search of pop vocal artist. The Next Persian Star
Show broadcasts from Germany by TV Persia to over 70 million viewers in Middle East,
North America and Europe.

ERSIN FAIKZADE, singer, writer, and
international volunteer was born in 1982 in Izmir,
Turkey, where he has completed the elementary
and secondary school. He has developed his
tenor technique through combining his interest in
music, which started at an early age with his
formal education.
After his mother got Multiple
Sclerosis, Faikzade devoted himself to the sick
and needy. With this objective in mind, he has
given many free concerts for various charitable
organisations in Turkey and Europe.
Between 2004-2008 he studied Public Relations
and Intercultural Communication at University of
Aberystwyth in Wales – England. During his
studies, he worked as a volunteer for various
projects including ‘Plast Lluest Day Service’, a
project supported by the European Union, which
pursues a better quality of life for the mentally
disabled. He also contributed to cultural and
social activities with autistic children and people
with the ‘Down syndrome’ for which he used his music talent to cure them.
Among other engagements, Oxfam Foundation, the Diana Memorial Fund/Foundation
can be named. Ersin Faikzade takes Diana’s loving
and caring character as his role model. He was
conferred the Welsh Medal of Excellence due to his
articles about Diana and his services for the Diana

Through applying the universal binding language of
music Ersin aims not only to promote Turkish music
but also to strengthen international dialogues
regardless of religion, language, social class or
In this respect, in January 2009 he promoted
Turkish music by participating in the Intercultural
Dialogue Project of the European Youths in
Palermo, which was organised by the European
Union Commission of Sicily.
As a writer, Ersin published numerous articles on
various biographies, history, health and travel.
Among his publications, his writing on ‘Princess
Diana’, ‘Princess Süreyya Esfandiary’ an ‘Empress Farah Pahlavi’ are highly noted.
In his motherland, Ersin Faikzade is a member of the ‘Buca Disabled Society’, the
‘Multiple Sclerosis Society’, ‘Antalya People-Who-Do-Not-Know-Barriers Association’,
and ‘Turkish Education foundation (TEV)’ among others. At international level he is a
member of ‘The Diana - Princess of Wales organization’, ‘International Still's Disease
Foundation’, and ‘The World Friendship Force organization’. As for his outstanding
dedications, Ersin Faikzade is designated as the World’s Goodwill Ambassador to
International Human Rights Commission – IHRC (A non-profit organisation formed in Pakistan).
Ersin Faikzade has performed many cover songs in different languages, recorded an
album in Italian and his latest album will be released soon.

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